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September 05, 2005


Cor Hersbach

In Chicago there will be interesting presentations and discussions on New Orleans and the Dutch on Thursday, September 29, 2005, at the symposium "Sustainable Waterfronts, Learning from the Dutch Experience". Although this symposium was planned at the beginning of 2005, at the request of numerous people we have included a section on New Orleans and the Dutch only today (Sept. 19, 2005). Please have a look at www.dutchsustainablecommunities.com.

Kind regards,

Cor Hersbach
Deputy Consul General of the Netherlands
Chicago, IL

Please reply to: info@dutchsustainablecommunities.com
Phone: 312 856 0110 ext. 543

Jonah Langenbeck

I just registered for the symposium and booked airfare for Chicago. Thank you so much for posting here. I look forward to hearing and participating in the dialogue generated at this event.

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