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October 06, 2007



Jonah, I hope you boiled all the money Cowen gave you. He's the antichrist, by the way.


Say what you will about the man and his politics and University administration but the Institute formed in his name is doing AWESOME work in the city by fostering some pretty innovative education programs.


Maybe they can hire some of the tenured professors he fired from engineering or medicine for that awesome work


That sounds irrelevant, but...awesome work.


Thanks Jaime! I'm pretty happy with the way things are going and the quality of the work.


These all look great! I'm extremely happy with how the LPO turned out and can't wait to see what we can add to it.

Mr Cleaner

Your LPO website is really cool. I like the way the pics and text are arranged. Looks like a good events planning chart.

web development toronto

I love how balanced typography was used in the three web pages. You can clearly see the hierarchy among the lines, and the text with bigger font size is successful in saying that it's important and in attracting the visitor's sight right away. Nice play of colors, too. It's very easy on the eyes, and the whole page doesn't look too crowded. Kudos!

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