Jonah P. Langenbeck is an autodidact living within the beautiful and heartbreaking urban system of post-K New Orleans. His work is rooted in the meta field of design. He is currently a partner in Annunciation Interactive, a little design + technology studio in the heart of the Faubourg Treme.


My wife, Design, entrepreneurship, innovation, New Orleans, Austin, Barcelona, New York, Chicago, urbanism in general, architecture, progressive politics, cooperative economics, economies of agglomeration, the singularity, cultural mutations, mining cultural memory, memoirs, short stories, obituaries, criticism, business writing, self education, self development, Maslow's Hierarchies of Need, autonomy, desire, motivation, Mid Century Modernism, Benjamin Franklin, Peter Drucker, Abraham Harold Maslow, Umair Haque, Jason Fried, Paul Graham, Tim Ferriss, Earl Nightingale, David Allen