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Part of the Iraq debacle started in 1999 when Saddam Hussein chose to use the Euro rather than the US Dollar in oil payments. The Euro was trying to give the Dollar a run for the money (literally) and they succeeded! So then the US Military steps in and takes over. Wanna guess what they trade in these days?

It's likely that Saddam's decision to use the Euro precipitated the economic crisis of 2000 (which was happening before 9/11/01). If the US hadn't attacked, it's likely that a pretty severe depression would have hit the US.

Yeah. Saddam sucks. Bush sucks. Killing Iraqis sucks. Severe depressions suck. choices choices.

For me the only clear path is oil independence. which means bikes and alternative transportation and higher density housing. let's draft a new declaration of independence, shall we?


Good article about it here......


I agree, the only way for us to move forward is energy independence. I way into both alternative transportation and higher density living. I'm working on a project that I will be posting on here for a model development based off of the Malaysian idea of Kampongs (multi-family multi-dweller communities) that is entirely self-sufficient and sustainable.

You should send me an email so that you can make it to the BBQ in Bklyn on sunday. You can meet my firend Wes who's all about this kind of stuff too. He works for an Environmental Law firm and attends Brooklyn Law.


sounds cool.

whoops. that was yesterday.

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