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I read the Culture Industry for a popular culture class. We were supposed to read a certain chapter but I ended up reading the whole thing.


Yeah, I've read a selection from it but never the whole thing. I probably won't be reading the whole thing here either. I specifically gave myself more time and more titles for the Frankfurt school. I really appreciate their work.

Benjamin Heitmann

In Section 2 there is Michael Hardt, but I dont see him with "Empire" in Section 5. Maybe you should add it there.

As far as I know, Empire is kind of a postmodern and postmarxist approach, revisiting many of the ideas of Marx, and trying to give them a 21st century treatment.


Those are his academic notes from a course he teaches on Marx's Capital at Duke University. Just a guidline for reading Capital really. I've read Empire and plan on reading Multitude after I finish some of these readings.

Thanks for the input.


Note // http://paulgraham.com/essay.html

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