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October 28, 2004



jonah, you may like to know that most of the LA democrats studying outside the state who are first time voters (college students) will have rude awakening come election day...

Louisiana 2004 Election Information

Presidential Preference Election (open) Date: 3/9/04
General Election Date: 11/2/04

Your registration must be postmarked by October 2.

Register to Vote

Not going to be around on election day?   See if you are eligible to vote absentee.  
Download your states absentee ballot application.

Get more information by phone.   225-925-7885
Get more information on the web.

Your state requires that first time voters vote in person the first time they vote. If you are a first time voter you CANNOT vote by absentee ballot.


Argh, that really sucks! Does that mean you can't vote? Did you vote absentee when you were here?


i guess i should have said, "you will be disappointed to know..."


The more I think about this, the more it bothers me. I wonder how many students were planning on mailing in their absentee vote and now can't.


First my ballot was sent to the wrong address. After the 10th I called inquiring about the ballot's where abouts. The woman told me they had to weight to rreceive it returned to them (the sender). They still have not received it - after 25 days. So, it's lost in the mail. I faxed them the correct address and they said they would get it to me if it ever came back to their office - which it has not.

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