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December 21, 2004


ray morneau

you suck.

ray morneau

i'm just kidding. sweet list. long-live firefox!


Thanks for the kind words about TypePad! We get all our inspiration from the creative people who express themselves on TypePad, so you should take some credit too. :)

Shane Bryant

*sigh* Man, Crown Dozen didn't make it on any of the "best-of" lists this year... Even with over 400 reviews and Top Twelve lists... Oh well, we'll just have to try harder in the 0-5!

Jozef Imrich

"In classical times when Cicero had finished speaking, the people said, 'How well he spoke,' but when Demosthenes had finished speaking, they said, 'Let us march.'"—Adlai Stevenson

I am marching through the list ... To boot, it is free! (priceless smile)

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