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January 31, 2005



1825 Tulane
Jefferson Downs
Canal Villere
Special Man
K&B purple (beer, icecream, pencils and playing cards)
Rajun Cajun
50 Fathoms pet store


That National Canal Villere reminded me of another one:

Shopping at the Schweggman with my MawMaw.


Double U T I Xxxxxxxx New Orleans

Nw Awlins Lady

The Great Mc Nut would eat donuts during the commercial for McKenzies during the Saturday cartoons.

When mardi gras was a family outing and after the parade you would pick up the Coke Bottles and get money back for them, I think it was 5 cents.

When the Saints fans wore paper bags over their heads and called them the Aints

Climbing the trees in City Park and feeding the ducks, then having the ducks chase you.

When you could swim in the Lake on the Southshore and everybody had watermelon fights

They had dances on the President, paddle boat, on Friday and Saturday nights.

Drag Racing on Lapalco BLVD

WTIX was the station to listen to with Captain Humble?

Drag racing from Rockery to Lenfants.

When WNOE wasn't country, Ha.

When they served you food and drinks to your car at Rockery and Lenfants and Ye Olde College Inn

Carrollton Theater

We use to get the donut holes free in the alley way next to that pizza place on Carrollton, Venezia's, after the show, they were frying the donuts for the morning crew.

The owner of Sealtest Dairy use to decorate his house like Copeland does now, and then cruise in the front of Maison Blanche to see Mr. Bingle Christmas display
on Canal Street.


i am indeed a native.

my family built our house ~140 years ago.
we have been living in it since. i am the 5th generation to grow up in it.

Nw Awlins Lady



I saw Jay Batt in front of Canal Villere on Carrolton with the folks fron Roberts Fresh Market. I listened to them for a little while today and they said it will be opening up in the eyesore location. Finally. Can't find any news on it anywhere yet so you can break it if you want. Later


Art Shepherd

I doubt if you'll ever get this message or if you do whether I'll ever know it...but...I was in New Orleans in mid 70's and had the pleasure of knowing the Scamuzza family through a mutual friend. I'll never forget the warmth of Al and Sarah, Toni and Sarlyn...didn't know Al Jr. But if ever a Yankee came to feel like a born New Orleanian...it was me thanks partly to them...and 5 consecutive Mardi
Gras...I had an Apt. on corner of Frerret and Broadway for $88/month!!! Right next to the Tin Lizzy pub...wow!!! I'm so nostalgic for those days. I miss the Scramuzzas big time. If you see any of them tell them I said hello and thank you.


Hey Jonah!Nice blog... but I gotta disagree with you. New Orleans has always been a city that has attracted freaks from all over... THAT is as much a part of the city as anything else. I myself grew up in the quarter, a place with bikers, strippers, street artists and weirdos. It is as real New Orleans as anything. My mother came for Mardi Gras and never left, a very old N.O kind of story... one that definitely makes me a real New Orleanian.

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