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January 08, 2005



Dictionary concessions in heaven instantly become a growth industy...Ironically, he passes away the same day Haslett gets a new deal. I wonder if there is a connection? RIP Buddy. We will miss you.


What I liked about Buddy Diliberto that he understood Saints fans. The best part about a Saints loss is to hear Buddy D on his show, The Point After. I hope New Orleans some how honors their own, Buddy D!


Ohhhh BuddyD I come back to NOLA to find out this... Rest in Peace... Who Dat !!!


Hey Buddy, how bout dem tigahs!?


Marty Blake, the super scout of the NBA, passed along his expertise to practically every one of New Orleans' broadcasting outlets before Wednesday's draft. But he had a moment of trepidation when asked to go on WWL-radio with Buddy D. Kenny Wilkerson, Diliberto's right-hand man, called Blake to ask if he was willing. Sure, he was, the amiable Blake said before asking with whom he would be on.

"Buddy," answered Wilkerson.

"Buddy? Buddy Diliberto?" Blake responded. "Will this interview be in English?"


I loved buddy. When we learned of his death my 10 year old son cried. He had attended several weekday shows at local restaurants. My sons concern was attending his funeral, his family and who could possibly replace him. Given my boys sentiments, I can only imagine how long time listeners and lovers of Buddy must feel. It will be a strange 2005 season without him.


Buddy D. was my boyfriend's grandfather and we all love him dearly...<3

bob boris

Served in Korea with Buddy in 1952 & 1953. Saw him in the MASH Hospital after he was wounded. Many happy memories. He visited me in Boston some 3 years ago, after 42 years of not seeing each other.

A world class guy and character.

Bob Boris

John S

Buddy, it's been over 4 years since you went to the big Saints team in the sky. My thoughts are of you as the Saints get ready to start the 2009 regular season.

Keep pulling strings for us up there!

Chris Bangs

Buddy D could slaughter the English language like nobody's business. Part of his charm for sure. We will never see such a wonderful character as Buddy. He was one of us. A true part of the community. He is fondly remembered and dearly miseed.

We Miss You Buddy,

The Squirrels


Buddy D,

Now this surely is hard to imagine 11-0!!!! I hope you are enjoying this seeing this is what you wished for your entire life.

Who Dat,



I hope Buddy can find a nice dress to wear in heaven.


Nate P

Saints in the SUPERBOWL!!! WHO DAT!!!

dylan james stansbury

buddy me and miss polly will be at the super bowl with your picture with us in the stands. this bowl for you.

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