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March 30, 2005



Just curious, if TypePad's not meeting your needs, what parts could we improve to keep you satisfied on TypePad?


I'm not saying I'm dissatisfied at all. I love Typepad but I'm ready to merge all of my sites into one. Don't worry, I'm almost 100% certain that I'll be using Moveable Type as my CMS of choice.


I enjoyed using typepad completely and it is a great application for what it is. The reason I made a switch is because there are some limitations in typepad such as the inability to use plugins I wanted more than one blog that I could have different photo albums on each without paying the extra charge. I also want to seamlessly integrate my blog into my website. I think some added features to typepad such as an advanced stats option that records the IP, OS and timezone would also be a nice addition. I guess lack of control is the main reason I made the switch.

I chose wordpress as my CMS because it is a new tool licensed under the GPL with an active community for me to learn from. (Because I severly lack in web skills). They have a large and growing plugin base, and the numbers of PHP/MySQL/HTML developers willing to lend a hand are staggering.

I am very impressed that you are willing to ask individual customers what they think of your products and what could be done to improve them.

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