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June 28, 2005






Ann Garrison

Do you know how the Mardi Gras Indians fared during the hurricane and flood?

What kept them together till then, as Mardi Gras indians, besides the masking art?

Did they live in the same neighborhood and associate or share other traditions, outside the Mardi Gras krewe? Were they related. as family? What commonality led the various Mardi Gras Indians to embrace this tradition?

Have they taken a stance in the politics of post-hurricane New Orleans? I'm particularly interested because I'm on my way to volunteer in the clean-up with the Common Ground Relief Collective in the Algiers District. (You can find them online.)

It's hard to imagiine aesthetic perfection exceeding that of Tootie Montana's life story.

I particularly like Tootie in pink, a color that many men will not wear, just because of its association with the feminine. He certainly was "the prettiest."

The Mardi Gras Indians seem like some of the best support one could find for the argument for "the right to return" now being made. I'm not sure, but I believe this phrase may have entered common parlance with reference to the Palestinians, as in Resolution 194, Article 11.

Since he was a peacemaker, and because of the alliteration, I couldn't help considering any similarities between the lives of Tootie Montana and Stanley Tookie Williams, another native of New Orleans and a peacemaker. I didn't come to any significant conclusions; the comparison simply struck me.

Thanks for this beautiful site about Tootie Montana's beautiful life.


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