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August 31, 2005


ryan blackwood

Sam and I are in Austin. Talked to Rose yesterday, she said she and Chris may try to come here. I heard Jude stayed but may have left now. not sure about that. My phone works if anybody needs to or can call 512-743-7047.


We may be headed your way. Do you know anyone who might be able to put us up until we can wrangle up a place?


Thank you so much for the update. I've been so concerned for everyone.This is just too much. Please keep in mind you have a place to stay in Raleigh.


You also have places to stay up north - NYC/PA


Just spoke to Rose, she has talked to Jude, he's at Savanah's family house on magazine, sitting on the balcony with a beer and a gun keeping out looters. He said he rode his bike to whole foods to get some food and it was so packed with "shoppers" he got scared and took off. ouch!


Jessie here. Glad that all is well. I'm in Lake Charles. Have been in St Tammany Tuesday and Wednesday. I have talked to or seen Matt Sabin, Jody Smith, the crew at Columbia Street Whole Foods, and Rob-Karla. Saladino's dog is in their house and may need food by now. 985-789-4786


Everyone's alive. whooohooo. Our dog is with us now here in Florida. She weathered the storm by herself and never once crapped on the floor. We will be in Florida for the next week or so untill cov is back.

sam blackwood

I'm alive and well in Austin Texas!!!If anyone from New Orleans/St. Tammany is looking for a place,I think we ought to all chip in on something here in Tejas.It will be a helluva lot cheaper to pool our somewhat limited resources in a monthly rental and we could support each other as we try to make sense out of this thing.Let me know if your interested via e-mail.xoxo,Sam


chris and i watched the storm from folsom. then treked into covington and then to slidell (for a short stint you could access it via I10) to his mothers house. all was well with them. we arrived in austin last night. did speak to jude yesterday, he said he was having fun now, but he thought it might get old in a week or two. he sounded good and was stocked on beer and food, and yes, guns. we told him we could pick him up in houston if he gets transported there. if you know anyone else who gets bused there, and needs a ride back to the northshore have them call 504.338.3950 or email [email protected]. i am so relieved just to see all of you writing here it is bringing tears to my eyes. we will be back to covington monday and then from there?????? love, rose jonah, i hope to see you and shanna asap.



I was just looking to see where some folks are. I am in Vegas, going to head to St Louis. I was here for a trade show for my store Ichabod's on Magazine. It has since been looted. The only thing I care about in that store was a sideshow banner on my wall, if anyone can get it I would be so grateful. I found out my home in covington is wrecked, trees crushed my workshop, and flattened my truck. I am going to have to start all over again, we all will. It is so sad. So much will change now, so may people jobless, homeless, displaced. Good luck out there. I made a deal with Morgus right before the storm to sell his t shirts, it was going to be so much fun. Jonah, thought you might like one. Someday...I guess god was laughing loudly when she hear we all had plans.

Stephanie Reams

Stephanie Reams is in Houston with Jared if anyone wants to meet up. I (Chris) am writing this for her. Her phone number is 985-705-9010


I dont know what to say. I keep erasing the words. Please tell me if you are looking for a place to stay. I have family spread out in many directions (PA,FL,NY,LA).
Please tell me if anyone speaks with/sees jude. My work number is 212 497 9100
[email protected]


I dont know what to say. I keep erasing the words. Please tell me if you are looking for a place to stay. I have family spread out in many directions (PA,FL,NY,LA).
Please tell me if anyone speaks with/sees jude. My work number is 212 497 9100


I dont know what to say. I keep erasing the words. Please tell me if you are looking for a place to stay. I have family spread out in many directions (PA,FL,NY,LA).
Please tell me if anyone speaks with/sees jude. I posted a missing person on www.NOLA.com he's #9247 pls tell me if you see a response
My work number is 212 497 9100


well i'm glad to hear that jude is riding out the aftermath in style, as i would've expected no less. savannah wanted me to join them, as her parents live(d) 4 houses down from mine, and it was very tempting to have a little bit of adventure and be able to keep a close eye on my things, but by that time saturday evening i already had a ride out waiting for me and i had a bad feeling about this one. they do have a very large house with loads of supplies and guns, so our comrade jude could be in a much worse place (floating down the river).

i went into mandeville and the abita yesterday with my paw where we found pine trees strewn all about his lawn, 2 had fallen on the roof and 2 trees that smashed 2 cars. we temporarily patched the wholes in the roof and planned to go back saturday.

glad to hear everyone made it out to safety. holler at me if anyone wants to meet up at the proletariat in houston for a pint.


jeremiah here,
I just talked to andrew in covington. he is ok & is heading out to northern california to live with leah, cheif & I. We talked to sean northey today-he's allright. sam, corey, and kenny are in arkansas last i heard. jehan, barry, & ryan are in memphis. richie is heading back to madisonville to camp out. we heard rasta went north with carol.
marcos was in the city the day after, not sure where he is or if he made it out yet. rebecca is with cheif's mom in folsom.
my home phone is 707 872 5199 call me if you need anything
or just to stay in touch.
much love to the family....come join our cult-the commet arrives soon!

Casey Miller

I spoke with JUDE! he's ok. i mentioned Ichabod's and he said it's intact. I told him about the banner and he said he would check it out and try to get it. He said he would try to get out in the next couple days. They have a few cars and will use them to leave the city. They can see a number of fires from the roof top. Wednesday they saw 1 police car pass the house... ONE. Today he saw many more. He said he feels it's not as dangerous as the days before. He went to WholeFoods. The doors were open (not broken into), it was smelly (rotten food) but it was still full of food, the radio was on and the alarm was going.
They don't leave when the sun is down and they wake when the sunrises. They have food, guns and high fences. He hasn't gotten in touch with his grandmother and is not sure where she is. That's about it for not.
Oh, for those of you that know John and Jane Adams their house was completely smashed.

PS. Thank you Rose for getting in touch with me.


Jeremiah, Thanks so much for sending word out to Jude. I hope he stays well and safe, and if it is too dangerous to get to my store I don't want him to risk it. It is a sideshow banner by Johnny Meah, I bought it from him in Florida and now it is kind of a battle flag. Poobah the Iron tounged pygmy. I have a phone numner here at my hotel which anyone can call if they want to chat. 702-891-1111 ROOM 23-119. I will be here till Monday. I hope we can all find some sort of peace after all this. Peace now is difficult with the displacement and loss we have all suffered. For all you artists out there, I have some good advice for you to get some independence and financial help. Ebay is a great way to sell DIY and "Outsider" art, and I have been doing it for over 4 years. I would freely help anyone out who needs advice on how to get started. Jobs may be hard to find right now, but the internet is a world market where anything is possible. Good luck to all. I live near John Adams on Military rd and trees are everywhere, it got hit horribly. I have heard power will be out there for about a month at least, but that is only hearsay. Peace.



well that's good news. i was about to ask who would be in for a rescue of our 2 comrades.

Randy Muller

Glad to hear about Jude. Great to see all these names and know some people are alive. I'm in Memphis for now. My brother has a site with pics of some of the northshore if you want to see.


I also have recieved some disturbing e-mails from friends that stayed. If you want to read them e-mail me I can forward to them. They both warn DO NOT GO TO NEW ORLEANS ! [email protected] 504-416-7388

Angela Russell

We are currently housing your own Randy Muller. Just wanted to let everyone know about www.hurricanehousing.org there are over 50,000 people across the u.s. offering their homes to the now homeless. I know a lot of people don't have places to go, this is better than nothing.
Also, we are looking for tattoo artists who might need a temporary (or permanent) home. We can put you up, so long as you are dog friendly. Good luck to everyone. Our hearts go out to you...can't imagine anything sucking more than this.

Randy Muller


Uptown pictures


I'm so glad to hear all of you are alive and well. Someone please urge Jude to get the fuck out of there.

Michael  Wiand

Hello Jonah, its great to see you and your friends are somewhat OK. Had a hard time finding an email address for you.. so I've posted here. Miss all the old days in New Orleans at the cinema. I know N.O. will get back together and hopefully be a better city too. Its definatly lucky to have you!!!!
I am living in Brooklyn NY.. email me or call me sometime.
Michael Wiand (the english former movie theater usher) [email protected]


alive in well in baton rouge. but not for long. heading to san diego. peace out and surf's up. love you all... daggerdave, new number til i get to cali: 225.485.0677

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