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September 27, 2005



saw the images dude. sucks.

i will keep my ears open for places to live.

this ought to make you chuckle I hope:



It looks like a lot of things are salvagable... another 6 inches would have been abother shelf of books and everything on the kitchen counter.


The only salvagable things were made of glasss or ceramic or other similar materials. The books and anything made of paper, cloth or wood were CRAWLING with mold. I'll write a full account today so that you can get a full idea of what it was like in there.


seeya on saturday, foolish.


well, apparently not, since you are in chi-town.


I'll be back by then!

Alexa Richard

So sorry about all the mess. It's so depressing when I see so much of it everywhere. It's almost too much to handle, even now, six months down the road. I feel for your loss of your books. I can relate. So glad some of your precious pictures survived. Best to you!

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