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September 30, 2005



Sounds like it was worth the trip... Was this in Crown Hall? I'm a little surprised you didn't mention it. I guess you were focused on other things. It appears to be Crown Hall, IIT's campus - I remember chatting with you about OMA's addition to the campus some years back.


Actually, it looks like a Mies impersonator... I can't imagine the lack of alignmebt + hand rails being designed or added to any of his buildings.

What is the next step? Do you ave any political ties?


The next step is getting everyone together and working on an alternate master plan. We're also going to be bringing lots of speakers to the city to see the aftermath and to be a part of the reconstruction dialogue.

I made a lot of contacts at the conference and we are doing our best to make inroads with the city.


The conference took place at IIT in the Herman Union Building (or HUB-center as they also call it). It is a Mies building. Crown Hall is just a few blocks away and looks absolutely fantastic after its recent refurbishment.
Jonah, I'm happy to hear that your trip was a productive one and that the program we added was useful to you and I hope others. Keep up the good work and all the best with your endeavours in NO.

jude matthews

1962, Walter Netsch for Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

not to be picky, but i knew it wasnt mies


good job jude.
Did you speak with anyone incharge of N.O. development? Who is in charge? Who's voice is heard, in regards to reconstruction and development?

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