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September 10, 2005


Erin Levins

I hope you have already gotten word that we three are all OK. We finally landed in Gainesville staying with Ralph. We, of course stayed to weather the storm. Fortunately we reloacated to the Esplanade @ City Park for the storm and aftermath. Trx and I got out of the apts on Monday to go look a the house. Waded through waist deep wtr to get to the house, but it was dry other than missing shingles on the windward side. After 30 minutes, the water had come back up 6 inches, so we got back to the apts. Plenty of food and h20 there.

Monday: Watched the water continue to rise.

Tuesday: Staring at the GMC logo of the back of the Jimmy for a high water mark.

Wednesday: Big hopes of driving that beast right on out of there by weekend with more ebbing of the floodwater ....

Thursday & Friday: Started getting the elderly and sick evacuated from bldg. (If you saw a photo of a flag-draped body at the entrance to City Park, know that he was the one and only casualty of the bldg) It was a matter of getting them across the bridge @ Explanade to a van that would take them to NOMA for pickup

After they all got out we were supposed to go on Saturday, but didn't. We prepped ourselves to get out on Sunday, no matter what: Had a big MRE breakfast, got watered up, said Goodbye to the dogs (we knew they would be left behind) and headed out to the field next to NOMA for a helicopter pickup. We let the dogs run loose and they had a great time. At the last minute before they took off, a crew member asked if we wanted them to come with us. 30 seconds later Meeko had jumped aboard and they bodily loaded Mirabeau. They then took us to MSY where they wanted to put us on a plane, but couldn't tell us where it was going. Fortunately I got Bob Reddington on the phone and he had me picked up before they could whisk us off to Arkansas (or worse!) From there to Baton Rouge where my sister picked us up and drove us back to G-ville.

Jonah, I had a front-row skybox seat for all of it. (At least for the 1st week) I may never be able to answer "Why did you stay?" I can only say that we were able to do a lot of good for a lot of old people. Maybe that's why we stayed, but just didn't know it.

Saw so many tings and I have so many stories to tell you. Some funny, some devastatingly sad, and others just plain surreal.

I am glad that you and Shanna are in good shape and are together.

I have gotten an apartment in Gville for 3 months. Trx and Spx will stay at least that long. I will go to OUR HOME IN NEW ORLEANS as soon as they will let me.

This is not the final chapter for our beloved city. For sure, life will never be there same there -- but when was it ever?

I expect to get permanent e-mail access next week and will stay in touch. You can also write me at [email protected]


Erin!! You crazy bastard! I am so happy to here that the Levins clan is well. One thing is certain, our city will recover, hopefully for the best. Also, just so you know, corporate email is back up. Check your mail I sent some to you already. Can't wait to hear all of your stories when we are back at work.


This map freakin'sucks!! Our sweet little neighborhood- with our sweet little house. ARGHHHHHH- Katrina you Bitch!

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