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October 25, 2005



jonah! i am so excited for you and shanna. and i counted, you are only 8.5 blocks away from chris and i. yeah! see in two days. love, rose


Yes! I am SO excited to live in the same neighborhood as you guys and so many of our other friends. It's also going to be so nice to be within walking distnace of so many restaurants, coffee spots, bars and shops. I can't wait till we are all living down there.


yes, i think you are only 4 blocks from cassady and heather and only a few more from sonny and lara....
and i found out yesterday that chris' work is sending us back november 21st! this is great news to both of us.


That's less than a month away! We have so much to celebrate now. This weekend is homecoming weekend for sure!


Congratulations you two. It's really exciting to read nearly up to the minute what progress you and Shanna are making. You two have been through a lot in this first year. I'm sure it's made your bond even tighter. Take care and good luck and I'm really happy for you two.

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