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October 19, 2005



jonah, last night i dreamed that we all were at my house getting ready for muses. it was chilly and everyone was wearing colored scarves and coats with large buttons. we were making spicy cocktails in to-go cups and walking to st. charles and canal.
p.s. please tell shanna that i have been trying to call her... love, rose


Oh, that's a lovely dream Rose! I really hope it comes true. I think it will.


HI all,
Unrelated to the topic but in the spirit of optimism, I just heard that our boy Gabe is getting married and expecting a littile one via his Mom. He'll make a damn fine Father & I wish them all the best


What do you mean -"via his mom"?


oh, wait... I'm a little tired... the news was passed from his mom - I was thinking something else.
sorry- i should get some sleep.

nice news


HA! I won't even take a stab at what you were thinking. That's good news for Gabe. I wish him the best.

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