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February 24, 2006


Rev. Willcore

Man, you ripped that last quote from the same song that I titled my last post.


Well, it is the original Carnival song after all.


Funny Lundi Gras Story for you:

As I was coming from Gretna through the toll both for the Greater New Orleans (GNO) bridge I saw this P.O.S. car with the back left tire starting to come apart. I figured surely this guy will pull over before getting up n the bridge. Nope. As I kept my distance he kept going at around 40MPH -- leaving tire pieces shredded behind him across two lanes. At the top of the bridge he opens his door and looks back at " What could possibly be making all that noise?" At that point I dropped way back and lost sight of him.

I got off on 'Tchoupitoulas assuming that I would see the disabled car on the off ramp. Nope.

As I pulled around to Convention Center Blvd near the entrance to Riverside Mall, I saw the car parked in the left hand lane with the driver's door open. There, on the sidewalk, is the shirtless tweaking driver trying to look as inconspicuous as possible for an obviously tweaking man standing shirtless on the corner in 40 degree weather. Some helpful citizen must have figured out that this wasn't normal even for New Orleans because an NOPD car pulled up right away. The officer didn't have any trouble persuading the man to take a seat in the back of his car.

Then, the light changed to green and I had to move on. I sure hope the rest of the day can measure up to that little tableau.

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