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March 26, 2006



You are right Jonah-That dinner was indeed a delight! A new favorite for sure. Thanks Heather!


Jonah, you might like Kim's in Marrero. Also, Tan Dinh in Gretna, although I boycotted them for a while because they were rude. My caucasian bruthas and sistas seem to like Tan Dinh so I guess I'll let them slide. Kim's has been open for a very long time, even when most Americans considered Vietnamese food full of cat and dog meat.


Jonah, you need to go out to the vietnamese places in Michoud if you haven't. There are like 15 in one strip. I haven't been there since but they definitely got the goods. Also, two words: Taqueria Sanchez.


I agree with Ryan, although the pho bang there isn't quite as good as the one on Manhattan Blvd., but maybe they have different cooks.

For hurricane Lily my roomie and I hunted for food throughout the city with little luck. I called the Pho Bang and they said they were keeping regular hours. We bravely (or foolishly) drove through the flooded streets from Robert E. Lee to Versailles to get our beef noodle soup goodness! Btw, you know it's good pho when they have tripe and all the other nasty stuff in it! It gives the soup flavor!


Yeah, I agree Oscar. The 9 Roses Pho had tripes, tendon and little sausage balls as well as the normal strips of beef. It was so delicious, though I only ate one piece of tripe. I simply cannot stomach the texture although I know it adds some of the flavor complexity to the soup.

Ryan, I'm stoked about the Metairie Taco Truck. I'm going to hit it up this week. Also, I didn't get a chance to check out the book this weekend. You should probably just go ahead and put it out.


for real vietnamese food you need to go to Mission Street in San Fran. I am a huge pho fan and what I had in Madison Wisconsin and San Fran is so much better than what we have here or did have here. Michoud blvd was the best in the city but to my knowledge that is now an empty street of destruction.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure the Vietnamese is good in SF but ours is the real deal as well. 9 Roses is the best I've ever had.


I have never been so I cant compare. But the quality in san fran and the amazing weird cow parts that were available were over the top. Everything fresh and super spicy. It made pho bang look like a fast food joint.


That's it, we're going!

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