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March 23, 2006



Besides the stuff I ranted about with you the other day about Friendster v.s. Myspace, I see two advantages to Myspace from a e-commerce view.

The first is that you can view most of the Myspace content without having to register. That encourages you to browse even more and relates to your friend's essay. Give people free stuff and they'll at least browse.

The second is that although the UI is ugly, software is buggy, and suffers periodic shutdowns Myspace simple gives customers what they want. They have become a cottage industry of customization with the various page mods, video uploaders, and friend tracking sites for Myspace. While the hipster set at Friendster were dismissing Myspace as a teenie-bopper fad, Myspace was getting hugely popular. My guess on why Myspace won is that in a democracy like the internet it was promoted by the people using it, to the disdain of web designers, and web developers. Friendster always seemed to me to be promoted by fellow designers.


jonah you said it best with, my favorite quote, "myspace is for whores."

and apparently not for those in arbitrarily determined violation of others 'intelectual property rights'. sadly, the former page of jude and myself's dj partnership and testament to the parties and takeovers of the past 2 years, including photos, comments, flyers and playlists, has been deleted, due to a either 1. a formal complaint from either a) slayer b) britney spears or c) dj rush or 2. a myspace administer's decision to censor the site www.myspace.com/raveshit. i also just can't help but feel that the network has become more conservative and commercial since fox newsmedia took it over, although, admittedly i can't think of many immediate examples of this.

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