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March 23, 2006



HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Nice stats, keep up the good work.

~D (No'Sho-Bro)


Wordpress is good stuff. Typepad seems nifty too, but why pay when you can easily do it for free?


keep up the good work!

i liked the old masthead better. sorry : )


Thanks guys! And yeah Jaime, I'm not sure which I like better but I felt like it was time for a layout change. This blog is probably going to get rolled into another site eventually anyway.

Jessie W

Hey, congrats. I know I don't speak up often, but I read this all the time. Not only can I keep up with friends I rarely see, but it's just entertaining. I would read this even if I didn't know who the hell you were. PROPS!


Joniqua: your blog is a comfort to all, your fervent postings make us all feel warm as cinnamon toast. Congrats my dear friend on keeping us interested and informed.

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