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March 31, 2006



Its so sad! I drove by there last night myself and no Sanchez! It was definitely el taco autentico. I have heard some whispers of trucks around claiborne and mlk, somebody said there is more than one out there in the A.M. but I dont go that way often. Keep your eyes peeled people. I have a feeling Taco Sanchez will resurface.


Scratch that, they just have weird hours. I think one of the workers said they are on Loyola ave (or maybe by campus?) friday. Sanchez is definitely there on saturday, not sure about any other time. The barbacoa is very juicy. So good.


i've heard tell there's a large impromptu market of hot Mexican food, sold out worker's wives cars and vans, every weekday night between 6 and 7 pm on Claiborne, somewhere between MLK and Jackson Ave. on the lake side. My friend who found it said it was incredible, huge plates of hot food for about $7.00...
Might be worth checking out.
Also, I saw that taqueria van parked in the (former) gas station on the corner of Claiborne and Carrollton a couple nights ago. Good luck!

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