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April 26, 2006



How about the whole story idiot.

"His conclusion will be debated throughout the week-long conference, as other researchers present opposing papers that say changing wind and temperature conditions in the tropics are due to natural events, not the accumulation of carbon dioxide emissions clouding the Earth."


I'm sorry but I disagree with Dr. Gray and the other scientists that are bullied by the Bush doctrine.

If we don't do something to curb our behaviour it will be too late. It may already be too late.

Call me an idiot if you want, in this case I wish I were wrong.


My reaction was not to your position on the subject it was your selective headline. As for calling you idiot that was because of your intemperance when referring to Bush. You may not agree with anything about him but he certainly is not an idiot.

It is interesting that scientists that have a different view are catorgorized as "bullied by the Bush doctrine" whatever that is.

A spoonful of humility would go a long way.

Not sure how old you are but when I was going to college the crisis on the left was 1) over-population with most of us starving by now and 2) we were headed for an ice age.

Gives you pause doesn't it.


Jose, the only thing that gives me pause is your insistence that Bush is anything but an idiot.

Also, mentioning humility while trying to defend the environmental policy of the right is fucking laughable.

Take your fan-club elsewhere.

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