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May 31, 2006



Lookit all the greenspace.

Be nice if it actually happens.


That's exactly what I'm thinking, but since it's a $715 Million project and Strategic have raised $400 Million already it seems like it will. If the city can't get this done we are in even bigger trouble than I thought.


It looks like it is going to happen, you made a good point on the $400 million. We are in dire need of this, upon returning from Chicago Monday I noticed that downtown Chicago has parks EVERYWHERE! It really was a nice touch, it made you feel comfortable. I would like to see New Orleans rebuild the city like this. I would like to see them not stop here, just go ahead and revamp alot of the city, of course saving the older landmarks that you can. Have a blessed day and go N.O!

Rick Bergez

Ha. I cut that article out too! Lets hope it is accomplished!

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