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May 26, 2006



Sonny has me thinking about fish alot. I think mass fish frying needs to be added to the repetoire of summer time food eating events. Fresh caught or store bought.
How 'bout it?


I'm 100% down for that. Maybe a fry/grill mix on Monday? I obviously can't host anything at my place but I'd gladly provide some groceries and my grill skills to whoever will.


I would definitely facilitate that but I gotta work monday. I get off at seven but I guess thats too late. Maybe another weekend. Isn't there some sort of event coming up in a week or two? Maybe we could do that then.


What I actually did:

Grilled out with friends at CHOMPS' place
Watched the Giro at the R Bar
Worked on some web stuff
Watched many episodes of Deadwood, Season 2
Ate at Taqueria Corona
Drank many beers and Margaritas


I ate too much!!! I went home after the show and made a huge plate.


Jonah- dont drop that sausage!!

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