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June 02, 2006



Jonah, I'm always so glad when you make these lists. These treats will be exciting, can't wait!


please skip the pate maison at etoile. it was near inedible when i went in october.


man, it's like ten degrees and rainy here...i want summer and iced coffee! and no more schnitzel! wearing your winter jacket in june just isn't right.


i am looking forward to jackfruit and coconut bubble tea from frosty's, mussels and salad tropical from crepe nanou and various surprising combinations at creole creamery.


Yes Rose, Creole Creamery! Can't wait.


Man you should have added grilled redfish that I cooked up yesterday. Man it was awesome.


Have you heard of the indian restaurant on Canal? Its on a second story and its supposed to be great. I think its the old tandoori chicken place from metry which if I remember correctly was good. The idea of eating indian overlooking Canal st. is appealing enough to get me curious.

admiral dewy wilkins

something from acme, or the camellia grill perhaps?


Sadly, Camellia Grill is still out of commission and I haven't heard anything about them reopening. Here's a heartbreaking story about it. I would love to have one of their waffles followed by a slice of pecan pie. Also, I'm not a big Acme fan. I prefer Casamento's for oysters.

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