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June 08, 2006



So Jonah, pick a bar.

My wife's from Prague, so I can't watch the Tuesday USA-CZ game at home...any bars with bigscreens open at 10 in the morning?


Finn McCool's or O'Flaherty's are the best spots in town. I watched many a Eurocup game at Finn McCool's in 2002 but O'Flaherty's has been the Worldcup choice for years in New Orleans.

I live downtown so I'll probably be at O'Flaherty's for most of the weekend afternoon games. Unfortunately I'll be working during the Monday match (it's on Monday at 11:00am) so I'll have to settle for BBC radio live and then watching the highlights on DVR when I get home.


copa mundial???!

'ghana '06 !' (en ghanese)


Si, si, Copa Mundial!!

I can't actively support Ghana unless they make it into the Second Round. Until then, go USA!

stephen g rhodes

for here or to go

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