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June 30, 2006



Go George. fuck, man.


a: This could be a great tour with the absence of cheats
b: This could be a terrible tour if they didnt actually cheat and there is a refuse to race like the festine affair
c: The Tour says fuck it and lets everone dope and it turns into xfl


All of those results are depressing.

a: That means two cyclists that you and I and every other cycling fan in the world respect are guilty!

b: If they are innocent and they miss out it will be a terrible travesty. This could be Ullrich's last serious year to go for the win and Basso's best opportunity for the double.

c: Then the greatest and most beautiful race would be reduced to a third rate wrestling show. This scenario would only be cool if the leaders of each team wore different lucha libre masks and hit each other over the head with their bikes before each race.


Outrageous, but it is wide open now and some young shits are going to ride like they can win. This could produce a crazy tour.

Following the XFL comment, full contact cycling would be pretty cool, huge commercial potential.

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