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January 25, 2007



Steely Dan is part of my musical heritage, played by my older brother as my tastes were being shaped. FM is such an ethereal song ...

But, even you have to admit that Two Against Old Age ... I mean Two Against Nature sucks compared to their older stuff. Fagen's solo work is amazing in contrast.

Time for me to dig up the old Walter Becker albums and give them a whirl!


Is there gas in the car??

Yes, there's gas in the car!!!



Ha! That's the most ridiculous of all their lyrics, and I LOVE IT.

Pam Thornton

Steely Dan is my ultimate favorite band in the whole word. I am getting Steely Dan tattoo next week. It is from Can't Buy A Thrill Album. I was fortunate enought to see them once and believe me, if they ever come to Omaha Nebraska, I will be first in line. They are so talented and the best ever.

Pam Thornton
Omaha, NE

Kel Brigance

was there

heres what i remember:

Opened with band jamming, then Becker/Fagen enter

-Two Against Nature
-Time Out of Mind
-Green Earrings
-Song I don't know from "Everything must go..."
-Hey Ninteen
-Monkey in Your Soul
-Dirty Work
-Do It Again
-Kid Charlamagne

Richard Keil

I just saw Steely Dan @ Jazzfest 2007.

The list you posted is missing "Bad Sneakers"

This show was historic!

The open air sound, perfectly mixed, the supporting cast of the finest musicians available anywhere!

Fagan looked a little "crispy" but his singing and playing were sober and right on key!

These guys have never been tighter!

Richard K.

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