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March 25, 2008


Benjamin Reece


This is great- in fact, I didn't know what the Canary Collective was until I read this entry :).

I really think that we have challenges keeping CS students and entrepreneurs in New Orleans due to the lack of "community" in the web arena- I think these collective blogs really help, but maybe we should host some sort of monthly get together or something.

Anyway, keep up the good work- I won't be attending AEA, but I might see you @ cameron's dinner and the media temple party.


Jonah Langenbeck


I couldn't agree more about community building. I want to tap you and others to brainstorm some approaches.

I'll def. be at both the Media Temple party and Cameron's dinner on Friday. Also, Chris Schultz (Voodoo Ventures) is "hosting" a get together at Lafayette Square tomorrow, you should def. try to make it over.

More Soon...

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