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September 23, 2008



I do find it strange that the U.S. treasury wants to bail out these huge firms. Their thinking is that is would allay fears and increase confidence, but like many things during the Bush administration seems more like a knee-jerk short-term response. I agree with the Economist's columnists that we need a longer term strategy instead of pumping money and acquiring failing firms. It seems like all it will do is decrease competition - very un-capitalistic indeed!


It's knee jerk and poorly planned. Who benefits from this plan? Certainly not the average American.

We're wasting money on these incompetent investment banks when we could be investing in the development of an alternative fuel economy that would get us off of foreign oil and create an enormous new economic infrastructure in this country.

Just another stunning example of Republican leadership at work.


Again, Spasticrobot helps me to understand the world

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